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Numair is a Baby tiger, he is also small in height and swims like a fish.
he does not show any emotion in any situation unless food is involved. keep your food locked away and you swimming pools covered when in contact of a wild Numair
by octavious2712 November 30, 2013
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Panther A name of Arabic origin meaning "panther". Numair is a fierce and incredibly strong man with piercing, captivating eyes. He is quick, wise, and cunning, and will impress you with both his wit and his empathy. More compassionate than others, Numair makes an effort to help people and humanity in general, and has a strong sense of justice. He will never stray away from him morals, and will use his knowledge and inevitable positions of power to make positive changes in his life and the lives of others. He is determined and a hardworker, with a contagious smile that makes you smile in return. Like his namesake the panther, when Numair sets his eyes on you, consider yourself his! But never worry, Numair will never let you down, and is loyal to a fault.
Oh no! I got a flat tire and it's 4am in the middle of a swamp land 7 hours away from civilization. Well...better call Numair.
by chickuhdee June 24, 2018
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a kid who loves basketball thinks hes cool but really isnt has a friend who is really cool but he is not. he likes to wear hats inside and wears keys all the time. also a baby tiger
Numair You are i baby tiger you should be in a zoo
by imAgoatausin May 26, 2018
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