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An awesome name, even though severely under-used. Often thought to be a by-product of Katie, Katy, Katherine, Katelyn, and other such names, it is serenely unique to those who possess it. The spelling is distinctly feminine despite the fact that one may take away one 'e' and make it the unique yet more often used "Kade." Often mispronounced "Kah- dee" the correct pronunciation is "Kay-dee" with a true "d" sound, unlike the "t" of Katie, Katy, etc. The two "ee"s are sometimes misleading, leading the reader to incorrectly draw out the second syllable of the name. Synonyms include "intelligent, funny, creative, busting a move, tipsy, and crazy." Antonyms subject to change.
"That's a crazy Kadee over there, man! Awesome!" "Did you see that Kadee? Now that's a sight I could watch again."
by facebook status editor llc February 03, 2010
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