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The toughest sporting competition in the world. The National Rugby League. Based in Australia and New Zealand. NRL plays Rugby League - The Greatest Game!
The NRL is the best and toughest football on the planet!

Nothing is better then the NRL!

I love the National Rugby League!
by Aussieman34 August 01, 2003
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A Quick game played by 13 a side with 4 reserves. To Play Rugby Leaue you need a high skill level, If you have a low skill level try AFL they'll let any one play
Boy i wish i wans't a AFL Scumbag and had some ball skill...
by TFC March 24, 2005
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The National Rugby League, otherwise known as the game that N o-one R eally L ikes.
It is a distant second in popularity to the most popular and most participated in sport in Australia, AFL. NRL or rugby league is played without exception by those not skilled enough to play AFL and in general by rapists, those who enjoy being shot at, and those who enjoy fingering men. It is spectated by those who have the mental capacity equivalent to a peanut, or those who do not possess the cognitive skill to watch AFL. NRL has been recently overtaken in supporter and crowd figures by the act of watching plastic decompose.
Modelled on the ancient sport whereby Neanderthals ran into each other with early forms of saucepans on the heads, NRL has been obsolete since the time that Neanderthals developed their first brain cells, and wondered what the fuck they were doing.
An average NRL match is the biggst assembly of homosexuals in the calendar year (provided anyone actually tuns up), excluding the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, although one could argue that this event is participated in solely by NRL players and supporters anyway.
'Quick change the channel, the NRL is on!'
by A Caldera March 20, 2008
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Stands for (National Rugby League) and is the Rugby League comp in Australia and NZ. Played and watched by normal people and is the most strongest and most competitive game in the world with real action not like pussy-ass mele's in AFL which rewards failure. Get a Life: Get into NRL
Trent is a real man he is so good at nrl unlike jase who play's AFL, eh what a faggot!
by AEB June 26, 2007
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a sport that unlike afl, requires no skill what-so-ever. it involves queer buff men (such as ian roberts) running into each other and barging their way over the try-line (no skill).the kicking part of the game however (very minor) does require some skill. it is very low-scoring and repetitive.

unlike afl which is recognised and played in every australian state, nrl is only really played in nsw and qld, with the vics only with one team (and they are the champs!)
nrl requires NO skill
by afl January 18, 2008
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National Rugby League. A sport played by the confused people of New South Wales and Queensland to promote their ass sniffing fetish.

The aim of the game is to pass backwards and run in a straight line. This is done about 15 times usually without any progress being made.

The game is played by really overweight metros who dress up in skirts and cut their own hair.
Hi. My name is daniel. I play in the NRL and I have an ass-sniffing fetish
by presidentelliot October 23, 2010
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The worst league/code ever invented. It requires no skill at all because all you have to do is run towards a line while being homosexually hugged by other non heterosexuals who try to sniff you're ass when they drag you to the ground.

People who play thugby league or support it are from the 2 most bogan states in Australia, Queerland and Gay South Wales. They will try to tell you that their league is the only sport in Australia and will continually say that other sporting codes like AFL are gay and will try to eat you if you say otherwise. One of their complaints is that AFL shorts are porno when obviously NRL shorts are the same size you inbred neanderthal idiots. Teams in the NRL include North Queerland Brokeback Mountain Cowboy Fuckwits, Canberra Ass-Raiders, The Sydney Chickens, the Brisbane My Little Ponies and St George Illawarra Drag-Queens.
Dumb Neanderthal Idiot: Uhh derppp did youth watchz the

Chickens takez on da doggies?!?

Normal Person: Wtf are you talking about you inbred spastic?

Dumb Neanderthal Idiot: NRL! Thez Chickenz won byz 10 points!

Normal Person: I watch normal football you retard go finger some asses.

Dumb Neandethal Idiot: Ok derppy derp
by JohnHopoate January 07, 2012
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