The toughest sporting competition in the world. The National Rugby League. Based in Australia and New Zealand. NRL plays Rugby League - The Greatest Game!
The NRL is the best and toughest football on the planet!

Nothing is better then the NRL!

I love the National Rugby League!
by Aussieman34 August 1, 2003
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A Quick game played by 13 a side with 4 reserves. To Play Rugby Leaue you need a high skill level, If you have a low skill level try AFL they'll let any one play
Boy i wish i wans't a AFL Scumbag and had some ball skill...
by TFC March 25, 2005
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The Australian governing body of one of the most boring, repetitive and mindless sports on the planet. Players are encouraged to beat each other, and kicking of the ball is frowned upon (strange considering the redneck followers refer to it as 'football'). The only sport on the planet where an overweight, stupid and violent middle aged male can be considered an athlete.

See hopoate for an example of the typical player.
Omg NRL is on tv.

(changes channel)
by Darby Nash April 6, 2005
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An irrelevant competition comprising of a few Sydneysiders and several inbred bogans from Queensland, who have somehow made a career out of playing the “sport” known as rugby league. It is essentially a glorified Sunday-League, and despite fans constantly claiming that “1/2 the population watches it”, it has never had any cultural or societal impact on Australia, and never will.

When not competing common pastimes for NRL players include brawling in nightclubs, beating their wives, fingering each other’s rectums, fucking their dogs, and pissing in their own mouths. Examples of all of the aforementioned can be found with a simple Google search.

Rugby league is a shitty knock-off of rugby union, which in itself is a shitty knock-off of soccer, which is also shit. The sport is audaciously referred to as “football” or “footy” by cousin-fucking Queenslanders, and some New South Welshmen, who seemingly forget (or do not know) what the “R” stands for in NRL. NRL fans are also mostly unaware of the complete irrelevance of their “sport” anywhere south of Sydney.

The average NRL crowd barely surpasses A-League crowds, likely due to the fact that anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together watches Australian (read: real) Football. NRL “stadiums” are often just local sporting grounds with camping chairs set up on the boundaries, where the parents of the players sit, provided they are not off drinking, shooting meth, or that the players even know who their parents are.
Welfare-Bludger: “*Unintelligible grunting* CARN BUNNIES! *unintelligible grunting*”
Feral Bogan: “*Incest noises* MMMAARGH KNOCK AWWN REF! *dog rape noises*”

Real Australian #1: “I was talking about the Grand Final, then this poofter buts in and starts talking about NRL!”
Real Australian #2: “Fucking league fags. Don’t they know no one watches their shitty comp?”
Real Australian #1: “Fuck Oath. Just nuke the Northeast seaboard for fuck’s sake. It’d do everyone a favour.”
League Fag: *Beats wife*
by Yeahthefooty August 10, 2021
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nrl is amazing afl is a scent mound
by bigman4566 July 24, 2019
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The National Rugby League, otherwise known as the game that N o-one R eally L ikes.
It is a distant second in popularity to the most popular and most participated in sport in Australia, AFL. NRL or rugby league is played without exception by those not skilled enough to play AFL and in general by rapists, those who enjoy being shot at, and those who enjoy fingering men. It is spectated by those who have the mental capacity equivalent to a peanut, or those who do not possess the cognitive skill to watch AFL. NRL has been recently overtaken in supporter and crowd figures by the act of watching plastic decompose.
Modelled on the ancient sport whereby Neanderthals ran into each other with early forms of saucepans on the heads, NRL has been obsolete since the time that Neanderthals developed their first brain cells, and wondered what the fuck they were doing.
An average NRL match is the biggst assembly of homosexuals in the calendar year (provided anyone actually tuns up), excluding the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, although one could argue that this event is participated in solely by NRL players and supporters anyway.
'Quick change the channel, the NRL is on!'
by A Caldera March 20, 2008
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