Similar to nothx but exceedingly cooler. Only real men use noty.
rec0: oriteyea, here's the rcon password
Dr: noty
by Paul - December 16, 2005
when a female is being complimented by a male/female in a sexual way, but not of that way that he wants to fuck her that night
ure looking noty tonite girl
by I love Steff June 3, 2004
for when someone says or does something dirty/mean , as a joke or rather cheekily
Kim : and then Kanye bit my neck

Kourtney : noti noti ! tell me more !
by slay2k'16 June 27, 2019
A "noti" is an abbreviated term for "notification", which is an alert you get when people comment on your stuff on the website "".
I had twenty noti's when I logged into Facebook!
by Martha May Who January 6, 2011
Short for "Not Over The Internet"
Your friend's dumb message:
Why the cops after your homie?

You: NOTI fool!
by ROyouKNOW February 23, 2010
A facebook notification. The joy one gets from a notie is quite simple. One man posts a comment video or what have you in an effort to get a notie to feel liked and proud. Basically the best feeling one human being can get is when you see the red number up at the top of the facebook page pop up.
Yo Mike i posted a video on Mary's wall. Hopefully i get that notie.
by Xaphoon Jesus March 20, 2011
A word used to describe punny men of noty-able character. Especially those whose names are anagrams of Noty like Onty, Yont etc.
Tony is very noty.
by orange memories August 29, 2011