I'm going to have to have a couple-nother before spending time around my ex
by guerillacollective July 6, 2018
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A Very Special And Rare Species Who Is Only Obtainable In Discord. He Is A Very Dangerous Squidward Who Has An Enjoyment In DDOSing/DOXing.
by Nuber February 4, 2018
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adjective phrase: vastly different.

This developed around the 1990's. It was a superlative created to indicate how different one thing is from another. Whereas one could say "another story altogether" or "that's a wholly different story," the term "whole nother" seemed to develop to create a superlative of "another."
He went to school to be an engineer, but he changed to acting, a whole nother career.
by May 24, 2021
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This is my expression im made. So I’m here to help you to solve the mystery sense you having problems. Whole nother. Nother means another.
I got a whole nother story for you everyone.
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This is the best liquor in the world and it don’t taste nasty. Like all others and don’t need to be mix with juice or anything. And it’s not on sale anywhere and only the son of ABSOLLUTE ALMIGHTY GOD THE CREATOR makes this and he don’t make it no more and only few people got to try it. And he has no reason to ever make it again.
This drink whole nother coloda taste better than anything you ever had and make you feel better than anything else and really gets you intoxicated high fast too and you can chug it really easily too.
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