It's got nothing to do with me,and I'm not really interested anyway.
"All this fuss going on at the moment about the lack of government funding for pre-school childcare so mothers can work? Sorry,not my circus not my monkeys". (From an old Polish proverb).
by peskycritter November 30, 2017
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A phrase that is used NONE racial but to let someone know you have nothing to do with the situation and it’s not their business
Why is the night crew not getting their stock up on the shelves before their shift ends?

Not my circus not my monkey’s
by ashane October 7, 2019
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A fancy way of sayingNot my Problem
Did you hear about the news, and how schools are demanding to keep their sports programs, even though students could catch the Coronavirus?

Sorry sweetie, not my circus, not my monkey. I’m doing school online this semester
by AnonymousMarowak2817 August 20, 2020
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