3 definitions by peskycritter

That's it.It's all over,there's nothing more we can do.
"Man if that dude finds out you banged his girl then it's 'Goodnight Vienna' for you!"
by peskycritter October 18, 2017
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'Join the Pudding Club' : To become pregnant. (Old English expression) ...
"We're so excited! Our daughter and her husband have joined the Pudding Club.
by peskycritter February 4, 2018
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It's got nothing to do with me,and I'm not really interested anyway.
"All this fuss going on at the moment about the lack of government funding for pre-school childcare so mothers can work? Sorry,not my circus not my monkeys". (From an old Polish proverb).
by peskycritter November 30, 2017
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