A popular Twitter slang used to poke fun at yourself or convey disbelief at something. Typically used by Kpop stans on Twitter. Also written as not @ me.
Not at me buying a hundred albums for a BTS fansign slot.
by se0kj!n_k!m November 13, 2020
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spoken in the third person about yourself when u do smth stupid or awesome or just anytHING
mia: pulls an all nighter for an essay
mia: NOT AT ME pulling an all nighter for this essay
by imhonestbutibelying November 29, 2020
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Someone who's very selfish! They can't take anyone else's feelings in to acount as they are not aware other people have feelings!
Girl 1: Not everythings bout you, ya know
Girl 2: Of course it is, otherwise whats the point taking bout it.
Girl 1: Your so me me me me me!
Girl 2: Point?
by Gerttrude March 19, 2007
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A Japanese electronic music video that is messed-up, has lots of bouncing boobs, ass, and tits. What happens when you do drugs in Japan.
Me!Me!Me! is hard to understand due to its visual metaphors.
by GunnyMan4 July 11, 2016
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1)Extremely egoist yell
2)The cry of a human-ape hybrid
3)Someone who doesn't care about you
Wizard: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
Princess: Me too!
Human: Wtf?
by Daniel.Druff January 17, 2008
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People who only care about themselves when driving and don't care if they cause an accident.

by Crystylin November 13, 2010
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someone who looks themselves up on Urban Dictionary
1. ME.

2. Me, Myself and I
by You Kow It's True December 16, 2012
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