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North South is a 3-day tournament held in Northern or Southern California. It is an all-star team composed of Asian basketball players that play advanced high school basketball.

The North/South tournament was created to provide a platform where top Asian players could display their skills on a higher level with top-notch competition throughout
the state. The players selected for this event are nominated by organizations, coaches, and committee members throughout California. Athletic ability, leadership, and sportsmanship are all played a part in the selection process.

Each team is comprised of ten (10) players in the same grade level. They play against their counterpart in a three game series and the overall winner is determined by total games won in all divisions.
Did you make north south this year?

Yeah, I did! I was so happy I thought I'd explode when I got the call!
by ballin all day all night August 10, 2010
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a threesome in which two participants restrict their attention to the upper or lower regions of the third participant (aka. continent)'s body, out of respect for one another's territory.

how two guys and a girl can have a threesome, without it being gay.
sam, warren, and collette are studying.

collette: do you guys wanna make out?
sam: i've got south! get'm deep!
warren: fine, i'll take north.
collette: wooo, north south!
by alexandr petrovsky December 17, 2007
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