A common glitch quake players could exploit due to poor coding, (back in the older games) that made them harder to hit, as well as allowed them to move faster. Similar glitches are strafe running, and "skiing"(Tribes games 1 and 2) These all move faster than simply walking due to either intentional or unintentional means.
Steve bunny hopped across the map. The noobs on the server were astounded by this feat of bunny hopping.
by a random Gamer January 16, 2009
This is when a male or female jumps from one sexual partner to another.
Billy loves bunny hopping, he cant get enough!
by Fareedebrahimi September 29, 2005
To continually jump up and down in first person shooter games to avoid enemy attack in
In Battlefield 2-"You bunny hopping newb, you only killed me because you're jumping around like a pansy!"
by Cameron S. Murphy October 12, 2005
A technique in Half-Life (mostly CS) that involves excellent timing and coordination. You can gain tremendous speed from these hops and jump extremely far. Usually used by veteran counter-strike players because it used to come in handy to get places fast, and also get away quickly. Must use strafing, jumping, and mouse movements to bunnyhop correctly. This is considered a bug in the coding of HL. Bunny-Hopping is a very hard technique to master but doesn't work that well anymore in most Half-life Mods.
Man that guy bunnyhops so fast!
by Dean August 27, 2003
Bunny hopping is when someone hops when they walk. Bunny hopping looks very retarded and if you do it you will be laughed at.
Carter was bunny hopping his way into the bathroom at St. Joes
by Young 🐐 March 11, 2022
To make pull your bike into the air so that neither wheel is touching the ground. Used extensively in trials. Also used during mountain biking to avoid obstacles in the trail and similarly by road cyclists (with care).
I was right behind Jesse when he bunny hopped a snake. Unfortunately for the snake I didn't have enough time to avoid it.
by mikwat May 22, 2004
An exploitative tactic in many first-person shooter (FPS) video games which involves a rapid succession of jumps, hopping like a rabbit to avoid enemy fire.

It is a successful tactic mostly because these games do not often simulate the motion of human jumping very well, and it is an exploit difficult to correct from a developer's perspective without impacting other, more legitimate tactics.
'|KKK|DeportTheJew was bunny-hopping, trash-talking, and whining about cooked grenades, so I couldn't help but kick him.'
by Kyle C. Rybski November 24, 2007