None of ya muthaf*ckin business
Gurl, what was you doin with Brandon last night?
by Giddy April 25, 2005
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‘Not your business’ is what it means, also as in ‘mind your own business’ or ‘stop eavesdropping’ or even ‘not your beeswax
How old are you?” Stranger
“Nonya” You
by simplymeee May 27, 2022
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Term used by outlaw bikers meaning "Oh go...yourself, None of your....Business"
Cop: Where do you get your?

Biker: Argo Nonya!
by Juilus January 3, 2011
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A place, person or action which is none of your business.
Bob: "Hey Ed, where ya going?"
Ed: "Nonya!"
Bob: "Nonya?"
Ed: "Yeah, Nonya Bidniz!"
by thrillbert December 6, 2011
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(n) if someone asks you where you work, but you don't want to tell them, you say you work at Nonya Industries.
"Hey! I heard you got a new job, where do you work?"
"Oh, I just got hired at Nonya Industries!"
"Everyone seems to work there these days..."
"Yeah, i get paid 10 nonya an hour!"
by THEAE May 27, 2009
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