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A ship name that describes the ultimate NCT Dream ship between lead dancer Lee Jeno and coolest rapper Na Jaemin.
β€œOmg, it’s NOMIN my OTP!”
by tensbanana September 07, 2018
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A beautiful, smart girl. She knows the right things to say, and is always there to help you through tough times. She uses logic to figure out worlds unsolved problems. But she can also come off as a bit sarcastic and rude, she means no harm though. All around Nomin is a girl you can rely on if you have a personality that well suits her needs.
Samantha: I don't know what to do.
Nomin: It's okay, you'll figure it out, you're young.
by Samantha Knoltie April 30, 2011
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Term used to describe really good food.
Mom, that meatloaf was "nomin".

Yo, did you try that "nomin" cake?
by Bekhaha August 03, 2018
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