Usually used by SpaceX. Like 20 times per rocket launch.

Means phenomenal
- And as we say in SpaceX, everything is going nominal ( perfect )
by bykocabas May 6, 2016
synonymous with "phenomenal to nom" but takes three less syllables to say... you three more syllables' worth of nomming time.
1) dude, is nutella any good?

are you fucking kidding me, nutella is NOMINAL


2) halloween = abominable
thanksgiving = nominal
by Jinkonom January 22, 2010
A person that constantly rages or loses their temper despite having an equal flaw.
You're being such a nominal right now.
by ACupOfJoey101 July 5, 2019
what HP tech support says everytime you call them with a problem
"my speakers wont work"
"OK, this is a very common problem, and it's going to have a <B>nominal</B> in order to fix"
by J Dizzle fo shizzle89 December 2, 2008
A ship name that describes the ultimate NCT Dream ship between lead dancer Lee Jeno and coolest rapper Na Jaemin.
“Omg, it’s NOMIN my OTP!”
by tensbanana September 7, 2018
A superior ship in ncity no one is doing it like them <3
nomin are literally soulmates argue with a wall
by SKEPWKPSKWK July 16, 2021