A moniker used to define three very different types of music:

1. Noisecore is a synonym for noise rock, an extremely fast and volatile combination of punk rock and noise music. Examples include Lightning Bolt and Melt Banana.

2. Noisecore can refer to grindcore (an extreme combination of metal and punk) combined with noise music. This style focuses on speed and chaos rather than musicianship or structure. Examples include Anal Cunt and Gore Beyond Necropsy.

3. Noisecore is occasionally used to describe hardcore techno, an electronic music style that developed in the 1990's in New York, Rotterdam, and Newcastle. Examples include Anabolic Frolic and Ethos.

Noisecore is not related to any subgenre of metalcore, or metalcore itself. Some bands incorrectly referred to as noisecore such as Dillinger Escape Plan and Coalesce are not influenced by noise music and do not incorporate it into their respective sounds at all.

John Doe: I heard this band from Japan kind of sounds like Merzbow combined with punk, but on speed.

Jane Doe: Huh, they're probably noisecore.


John Doe: This band's so fast and crazy. They sound like a combination of Napalm Death and flaming motorcycles.

Jane Doe: Wow, sounds like they're noisecore.


John Doe: Are you going to the rave tonight? I hear the DJ plays classic detroit techno, but really fast and he uses distorted industrial beats.

Jane Doe: I'm not going. I hate noisecore.
by Jack Britton May 10, 2007
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Contrary to what other entries say noisecore isn't a type of metal or experimental music it all. The genre definetly doesn't include DEP. Actually true noiscore is ridiculously fast, structure-free grindcore, with feedback, hateful lyrics and general disregard for musicianship. Often bands Sometimes noisecore bands write songs with structure, although they still retain all other elements of noisecore though. Noisecore is called that for a reason. Literally it is a genre devoted to making loud obnoxious and discordant sounds with absurd vocals and weird noises. Its hard to understand until you hear it for yourself. Songs usually range anywhere from several seconds to several minutes.
Examples of noisecore bands inlude Anal Cunt, Sore throat, Genital Masticator, Rutatron, Gripe and Kunt vomit
by Time Traveler April 11, 2006
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Imagine two freight trains colliding, 100 pigs being slaughtered, a whole school of nails on a chalkboard, the world trade centers falling down 8 times, and the Columbia blowing up, all at the same time. That's noisecore.
I went to a concert, and when my ears started to bleed, I knew a noisecore band was playing.
by Brian Mears April 08, 2006
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A genre of music that is often times confused with technical metalcore. Signified by it's blend of noise (music genre) and hardcore. The guitars are usually so muddy and distorted that you can't hear single notes that well. The bass (distorted like guitars) is often times a driving instrument unlike in other genres. The drums range from electronic to blastbeats to off time patterns, but the main focus of the genre is the guitars and bass, not drums or vocals. Altough it was only marginaly successful on the west coast of the U.S. in the mid to late 90s, it has influenced such acts as The Dillenger Escape Plan and Scarlet. There also tends to be a lot of samples and weird effects put on the music. Some well-known bands of the genre: Training For Utopia (broken-up), Coalesce (still active)
Technical Metalcore totally stole it's style from noisecore
by Teh_Chris September 30, 2005
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noisecore is a subgenre of metal that transcends both hardcore and metal. It's intrumentation is unique- in that the guitar riffs are numerous and chaotic- often involving harmonics and fretboard noise. The vocals are normal screamed and hard to follow. That , however does not mean that the lyrics themselves are banal and unintelligent. On the contrary, noisecore lyrics are esoteric and ambiguous often having multiple meanings. Some of the most proficient of drummers can be found in noisecore.The rythmns are sporadic and often polyrythmic as well. Jazz influences can also be found in noisecore as well. The more complex the music is, the farther away from tradional song structures become.Chaos in noisecore is paramount.Noisescapes and samples are found frequently in this genre as an enhancement to the music to give it a more darker feel.
by greg September 23, 2003
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A genre of music which is defined by screams like being attacked by sharks.These screams are unlike screamo screams because they don't say anything.
Guy 1-"Did you hear that band."
Guy 2-"Yah they were screaming shark-noisecore style."
by xxJustmexx January 02, 2010
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