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Similar to the saying no homo. No bromo is said after a sentence that can make one appear to be a bro. Mentioning subjects such as Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Dane Cook, and cheap American beer such as Natural Ice and Keystone in a positive light should be followed by saying "no bromo". Unless of course, you are a bro.
1. I'm going to my boy's house to play some pong and drink some Natty Ice, no bromo.

2. I thought Dane Cook was hilarious in Employee of the Month, no bromo.
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Term used at the end of a sentence, after one has stated a meaningful statement while defining the line between being a "Bro" or "Good Friend" and a "Homo".
-"Dude, I'm going to miss you while I'm in Iraq. No Bromo"
-"I love this Justin Beiber song! No Bromo"
-"That outfit looks hella dope on you! No Bromo!"
by Mr Jae The Gentleman August 16, 2010
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