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A woman who willingly allows her bf/husband to sleep around. Feels aroused and/or derives sexual pleasure by watching her bf/husband have sex with other women.
Usually involves elements of humiliation and masochism.
Oi, that woman from our neighborhood.. Kathy. She's a total cuckqueen bro, let's her husband f#ck whoever he wants and actually enjoys the process. What on Earth ?!!
by Johnwick98 December 01, 2020

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literal meaning : whose dick has been all squeezed and fucked.
ye lundmara kya kaam karega !!?
by Johnwick98 December 03, 2020

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A penis that has been squeezed out, a lot, shrunken in girth by numerous sexual intercourses over the time, which can't really give the pleasure that a thick shapely penis can.
That fuckboi must be having a Lulli
by Johnwick98 April 22, 2021

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A word that literally means someone who is pathologically “hypersexual” (An obsession with sexual thoughts, urges or behaviours that may cause distress or that negatively affects health, job or relationships. For ex: obsessive-compulsive masturbation)

Old terms were satyriasis for men and nymphomania for women.

It is used in common slang for those who cause trouble for themselves or others due to their perceived hypersexuality or compulsive behaviour.

Can also be used for someone contemptible or painfully stupid.
Guy 1: Bro did you hear about Rohan ? He's being interrogated by the police for allegedly harassing multiple women online. Leaking their nudes and other creepy stuff.

Guy 2: Nah, but saw that coming, he has always been such a chudakkad. No wonder he never had a girlfriend.
by Johnwick98 May 11, 2021

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