2 definitions by Godzeera66

1: ( verb) when an old hispanic man dresses like Papa Noel, Holds a churro at his crotch. Another person milks the caramel out of “penis churro” while making a wish.

2: ( Adjective) What a silver fox dick tastes like
1. My uncle asked me what I wanted for christmas, I gave hime a rusty taco churro and said, cash.

2. I met chad on sugar babies. He showed me his net worth, I went down on him and it tasted like a rusty taco churro.

also the chain rusty taco has best churros.
by Godzeera66 February 7, 2021
A straight males term for a platonic relationship with a gay male.

A non homophobic term of endearment for homosexual friend.
I am all for gay marriage, my wife and kids are going to a protest with my bromo couple Forrest and Dylan and support their rights to wed.

I'm going to the pride parade to support my Bromo Bruce .
by Godzeera66 July 5, 2016