it's basically when you add in a last minute thought in a text usually typed btw.
example: by the way, i have a crush on you.
by username420 December 19, 2020
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Joe: I pinned my foot to the floor with this nail gun.
Jim: Way to be!
by Ryan Dawson October 18, 2005
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When the courts decide you need to pay child support AND alimony and the judge says, "This is the Way."
by Oneoffaccount December 27, 2019
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In a conversation, if u agree with the person you are talking to, you may say "OK."
If u don't agree, but you find you can't argue with him, you may use "Fine."
If u don't agree, and you find what he contends are all nonsense, use "Be that way." meaning "Fine. Be whatever you wanna be, do whatever you wanna do as long as you are happy, but you might have to deal with the consequences."
"If you don't stop partying and start studying, you'll have to use your double-D's on your professor to pass the final."
"It's fine, I'll at least get a D."
"D? You're content with that?"
"Yup. And you're content with your A's? Talking boobies here!"
"Seriously, you should at least get a B."
"Nope, my grade should match my boobs."
"Fine, be that way!"
by VagaccidentOnMyMasturbacation January 12, 2015
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Another response to the often used o, rly? Usually meant to be sarcastic in tone or very humorous.
Person A: Hey I just had sex with my teacher last week!
Person B: O, RLY?
Person A: YA, RLY!
Person B: NO WAI!
by Jimmy Blocksom October 07, 2005
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An album released by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on July 9th, 2002, and produced by Rick Rubin.
"By The Way I tried to say, I'd be there, waiting for..."
by Doornail451 December 06, 2020
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Pronounced way-bee.
A baby of the Way persuasion, such as the children of Gerard Way, or Mikey Way.
"Hey did you read about Gerard Way's baby?"
"Oh yeah, the Way-by! I heard her name is Bandit."

"I love Mikey and his wife, they're so cute together."
"I can't wait to see their Way-by!"
by xhillaryxx June 03, 2009
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