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In a conversation, if u agree with the person you are talking to, you may say "OK."
If u don't agree, but you find you can't argue with him, you may use "Fine."
If u don't agree, and you find what he contends are all nonsense, use "Be that way." meaning "Fine. Be whatever you wanna be, do whatever you wanna do as long as you are happy, but you might have to deal with the consequences."
"If you don't stop partying and start studying, you'll have to use your double-D's on your professor to pass the final."
"It's fine, I'll at least get a D."
"D? You're content with that?"
"Yup. And you're content with your A's? Talking boobies here!"
"Seriously, you should at least get a B."
"Nope, my grade should match my boobs."
"Fine, be that way!"
by VagaccidentOnMyMasturbacation January 12, 2015
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