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an insult from the 90's but now it's funny because eating a dick is a blowjob but it means to devour a human dick (fully, not a blowjob) and die basically meaning that they'll get death row for cannibalism.
eat a dick and die, Jeffrey epstein
by username420 November 21, 2020
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a cringy way of of saying eleven and you roll your es also, the o is kinda like, if you say eleven with extended es you'll see. Oh and it's also a meme.
the cringy kid said eee-o eleven when i asked him his favourite number.
by username420 November 29, 2020
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Firebug is NOT an animal and has NOTHING to do with a firefly or any animal a firebug is slang for an arsonist or a serial arsonist.
If you light that house on fire you'll be a firebug so, DON'T DO IT.
by username420 November 27, 2020
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one's pussy who is "wet" like a fire hydrant, usually from a lady who is ready to fuck, and also the cum discharges like a hydrant.
"Wow u lookin' fine lady with that fire hydrant pussy"
by username420 November 20, 2020
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a dumb pick up line commonly used by boys, which means he wants to put his dick in the girls pussy and go up and down.
"girl i wanna fly you like a kite"
by username420 December 21, 2020
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it's basically when you add in a last minute thought in a text usually typed btw.
example: by the way, i have a crush on you.
by username420 December 19, 2020
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it's when your adding something on people used this in 2019 but it has been overpowered by "&"
by the way, stop disliking my ud definitions.
by username420 December 21, 2020
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