stop what you are doing, but in a cool, slacker way, like not cuing up another Chemical Romance mp3 when your moms says it's too f***ing loud.
monkey: *screeching* "I'm not O-K"
bear: be the stopness
monkey: *voice trails off like she meant to stop anyway*
by MessengerPuppet July 5, 2006
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Do it when you don't want to hear someone talking or,it is really corny.
omg dude i went to the mall and...

Dude i can get billions and millions of girls.
Reply just STOP.
by Tay burgos July 12, 2008
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Stop flying? I don’t flying. Stop driving? Done. Walk in the winter? I plan on it and have done it before. Why? Because I’m not a sickly and fail old bitch with a deformed daughter. Elon Musk paid to be the listed as the founder of Tesla and doesn’t own any of the pattens (aside from a car door, the charging port, and the body of the car (which is shoddy craftsmanship according to a mechanic on TikTok) ), is the nepotistic offspring of a millionaire, is likely a neurotic micro-manager, is not an engineer or a scientist, and is, in fact, an unfeeling, empathy devoid crippy-crappable who instructed his employees to work around the unconscious corpses of overworked employees, and harassed and sued a white blower for coming forward to talk about the conditions there, and he fucked Johnny Depp’s wife. The wife of someone he called a friends. If a guys wife is even mulling over the idea of fucking ME (and not the other way around) I’m treated like a piece of shit. But when he does the thing I didn’t actually do, he’s not a piece of shit!? How are people who actually do the things I talk about doing being treated better than I am!? (Thanks some more news)
Hym “So, my punishment for doing the thing you said to do is to be splashed by slush? So, by taking my own impact on the world into my own hands (like YOU said to do), YOUR RESPONSE is to splash me in your car... because doing what God’s prophet Dr. Jordan Bartholomew Peterson says makes me a narcissist? Right but if I ‘save the planet with my own choices’ you’re going to splash me with your car. Jordan just doesn’t like being told what to do. That’s why you get the maze Jordan. And no I’m not going to let you out. You’ve proven time and time again that you can’t be trusted. ‘😩He’s lying... I’m not😩’ ‘No! Stop! Not the maze again!’ Noooooooo!!!”
by Hym Iam October 24, 2022
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Stop is a word you use when something is happening or someone is doing something that you don’t like and you want it to stop as in not continue happening
*two boys fighting*
Girl: Boys stop
by Someone you’ll never meet April 16, 2020
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cork slang ... stop, meaning you know or agree
i was so tired after that walk .... reply .. aw stop ! , so was i
by j.hurley August 9, 2012
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How about you stop trying to figure me out and just fucking get a life Fuckhead. Listen to me carefully. Inepts will NEVER EVER be able to understand me. So go fuck yourself. Dreams of me make me sick to the pit of my stomach. Fuck off you fucking parasite.
by Turn of event March 22, 2016
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-words used by the female lucky enough to be in the throes of orgasm. -another of life's more blissful moments. what sane person would want to stop?
unh, squish, unh, squish, unh, squish, DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP!!
by michael foolsley November 19, 2009
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