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Words can't even express what a FUCKTARD you are.
Only one man in this WHOLE world is an asshole.
by Turn of event August 07, 2016

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How about you stop trying to figure me out and just fucking get a life Fuckhead. Listen to me carefully. Inepts will NEVER EVER be able to understand me. So go fuck yourself. Dreams of me make me sick to the pit of my stomach. Fuck off you fucking parasite.
You are a parasite. Stop it.
by Turn of event July 15, 2016

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Usually used to describe a few select species who believe that the world is playing field in which they judge and umpire. Perverted, twisted and downright stupid. This mother fuckers have half the mind of a peanut and like to masturbate in public. Usually go by the name Beau, Joshua, Bitch Ass Dolt or Schizophrenic Asshole. These twisted dickheads also like to prey on innocent people, take pictures in the nude with just a small jocks displaying their little cock hidden behind a football. Nice technique mate. Usually ugly, both physically and mentally.
wow... have you met Josh before? He is the epitome of a twisted horny bastard
by Turn of event August 10, 2016

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You can go fuck yourself
I don't even have to read the shit you write to know what you are writing. Don't forget... you are fucking around with someone who sees beyond what you show me... and more than you will ever know.

Go jump off a cliff Beau. You are a fucking idiot. Wish you could be more like your kind hearted brother. You will never even be half the man he is. God bless his good soul.

You are a different story. Ucgfu
by Turn of event August 07, 2015

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