The natural sound made when someone humps someone else. Also can be used to represent the three types of humps -- pain, pleasure, and hunger.
1) Unh me harder, Erica!
2) *UNH*
by Person July 20, 2003
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The sound someone makes when something positive happens. Usually prolonged as unnnnnhhhhh!!!
Dude 1: I just hella did work on that chick!

(Dude 1 just bowled a strike)
Dude 1: UNH!
by 322 Crew April 20, 2008
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UNH sucks -- the girls there just don't wanna be unh-ed.
by Johnny Laz November 25, 2003
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n: (you - enn - AICH)

1.) Acronym for the University of New Hampshire, a public state university with the highest national tuition prices in relation to all other state universities. Run and operated by a no-confidence voted president who makes about $500k per year (SEE TYRANT), this university is home to several unrecognized fraternities of ridiculous idiot bros with studs and gel (SEE DOUCHEBAG), bitty infested sororities (SEE BITTY), and a totalitarian campus police force (SEE GESTAPO).

2.) Acronym for the "University of No Help", a name for the University of New Hampshire as coined by the students due to the enormously high tuition prices for a state university and the staggeringly low financial aid available.
Bro 1: "Yo brah, you wanna hit UNH tonight? We can get our drink on and get it wet if you know what I'm sayin'."

Bro 2: "Bro, remember, we got arrested and sent to jail in Dover cause of the one beer in my backpack last time. Plus, the bitties are so f***ing stupid, that girl that was with us got roofied at ATO I think..."

Bro 1: "Oh. Yeah. So... wanna go?"

Bro 2: (Plants face into palm.)
by JDRhyot December 10, 2011
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Often confused with the term used by stutterers who attend University of New Hampshire, UNH UNH is actually a synonym for Quagmire’s “giggity, giggity, allll right!” Or Beavis and Butthead’s sophomoric heckling.
Dude: Hey, did you just see that chick with the big tits?

Dude’s friend: UNH UNH!
by Iamrillysmart July 30, 2018
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1) a private university located in West Haven,CT which actually started as a business school at Yale University. The now known University of New Haven was then called New Haven College and then moved onto Boston Post Road in West Haven, right on the New Haven line.

2) shit hole loaded with fire,ems,and police whackers
UNH is a shitty overpriced private college
by RGG July 21, 2006
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