a word ONLY used for the original sex havers. otherwise it is a slur
sex haver: TRUE
another sex haver: STOP
gerald: Stop
another sex haver: you just said a slur dumbass
by sex havers July 16, 2021
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Stop it is a very weak come back and it has no meaning when your trying to defend yourself like when someone is being rude to you and you just need to think of a comeback and it ends up being "stop it"..It needs more effort, think before you act.
Bully: :P trashly cow's typing if they bounced on your laptop
Random being bullied: sToP iT
by Bob Rock February 23, 2022
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1)A word used to stop time, or someone doing something. Often use with Hand and Head signals
2) A Type Of Cheese
1) Stop this! *everyone stops*
2)Whoah can I have a bit of stop this!?
3)There is no third one, DICKHEAD
by Reuben Mills December 20, 2004
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John: Man, I'm so tired, from studying so hard, I can't go on

any further!

Tom: Well then STOP, catch some Zs!

John: Thanks, "si - es - ta" just the solution I was looking for.
by perkybird November 5, 2010
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(Refering to BTS Vlive with Jimin, Jin and Jungkook)
Stop It! Yeah, WOW!
by Linyin is ugly May 16, 2019
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An often plastic device used to prevent liquid from exiting a basin intended for liquid.
by Kilgore Delanie November 19, 2003
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