the opposite of go, to cease movement
She was so scared that her heart stopped.
by Lacie August 18, 2003
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1. Term directing one to cease because it's Hammertime
2. Term directing one to cease in the name of love
3. Term directing one to cease, collaborate, and listen
Joe: Stop!
Belinda: Oh, no.
Joe: In the name of love...
Belinda: Not again.
Joe: Before you break my heart!
by BritLit March 21, 2014
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The process in which one becomes stationary from a moving state.
I av stopped because of the Stop sign.
I do not stop for anybody.
by Chancellor of the Exchequer August 18, 2003
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What you scream when you can't remember the safety word
When he saw the toy his wife was about to use on him, he couldn't remember the safety word so he just screamed stop.
by Joshua Ashmore November 25, 2010
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1.(of an event, action, or process) come to an end; cease to happen.
2.cause (an action, process, or event) to come to an end. other cases it may mean go faster
*teenage Mexican boy says*, "stop means go faster."
by pussydestroyer93805 June 1, 2018
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"Shut the actual heck up and stop"
by XxDark._.AngelxX March 24, 2022
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