The act of shooting someone with out using a scope or cross hare, usually only meaning something if it's a headshot. Therefore, there is no such thing as "no scoping" in Halo.
"Yo, I just no scoped someone with the AWP."
by JesusKnifeFight December 15, 2007
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when you shoot a sniper without aiming in and get a kill on any fps.
dude what a no scope that shit is sik

ano man i just popped up and shot and got a kill wtf haha
by DFBMAtEE May 12, 2009
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The act of pinching the tip of ones penis before ejaculation and then releasing, thus creating a powerful projectile of semen and targeted torward a femals eye, once landed, the man shouts "no-scope!"
Veater said he no-scoped Chelsea from 10 feet!
by The Big Ezzie January 10, 2011
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A video game term. This is a skill that very few gamers can pull off, due to the inability to see the crosshairs on a sniper rifle without looking down the scope. You have to be very quick and confident to pull it off, otherwise, you look like a desperate noob.
"Wait, what just happened?!"
"I think you got No Scoped."
"That guy must be a real stud."
by Jaerda April 21, 2016
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When a student in your class tries to be funny but the teacher picks up to what he or she is doing and they get yelled at and sent out of the room and just hear a random "NO SCOPE!!" Out of nowhere.
Ok class do you all have your project done that was due today? (Random student) No but I sure got DEEZ NUTZ!! Teacher- Leave the room now we're going to call your parents! (Random student) NO SCOPE!!!
by Superwoman_1056 December 01, 2015
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The male act of urinating without the assistance of the individuals hands
Guy 1: Just took a piss without any hands.
Guy 2: Nothing like a No Scope to wake you up in the morning.
by BoiBoi747 April 05, 2019
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