While playing a shooting game you kill an enemy without scoping.
While playing Halo 3 i noscoped that noob.
by AJ Bennett March 09, 2008
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verb or noun: A Halo and Halo 2 term used on Xbox Live. A true no-scope is a headshot with the sniper rifle without using any zoom at all. A common form of pwnage. No-scopes are often in Halo montages. Rarely a player can get a "double" no-scope: two no-scopes one after the other resulting in a double kill.
No-scope followed by teabag:
"NO-SCOPE!!! That's right, son, I don't even have to aim and I pwn you. OooooH Yeeaah! How do my balls taste?"
by KillerOrange April 30, 2006
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A condensed clusterfuck fully directed into someones brain.
I just no scoped three red guys, noobs.
by OMGdst December 02, 2009
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Taking a shit with the lights off - an extremely risky and difficult manouver. Many factors must be taken into consideration when attempting a no-scope: overestimation of bowl circumference and neglect of splashback are frequently encountered obstacles.
dude: ahhhhh i just pulled off a sick no-scope in your bathroom

man: motherfucker you better not have clipped the seat
by wangmagnet December 13, 2010
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Killing someone without zooming in. Only works for Bolt-Action sniper ex. Cocking it every shot. Different from quick scope. No scopes are more luck then skill
I'm randomly shotting a sniper and got a no scope on someone
by KidCache1 June 08, 2010
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to shoot and kill an opponent in halo 2 with the sniper rifle without scoping, (usually close distance and lucky or skillful gh the xbox live headsetbut you can never tell unless you hear "omg, NO SCOPE" blasting through the xbox live headset).
gamer1, "no scope"
gamer2, "nice"
gamer3(opposite team) "teabag me and die you jammy noob"
by me34 June 05, 2007
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