When a company does something to a product that in no way makes it more appealing to potential buyers. Often having to do with pay-per-view events.
Raj: "Brooke Hogan will be performing, too."
Vince: "No buys."
by Xobile January 6, 2008
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Most used Bahamian slang term. Has many uses such as emphasizing a command that follows it or replacing certain words, such as boy.
BUI you ugly dread.

by Freeportboi January 3, 2010
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I told him we were just friends but he wasn't buying it.
by _40oz December 30, 2009
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to believe that sth is true, especially sth that is not very likely
You could say you were ill but I don't think they'd buy it(accept the explanation).
by irearn May 22, 2007
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1.In poker, a term used to say how much money you have brought to the table at the beginning of your session.

2.In a poker tournament, buy-in is the amount of money that you pay towards the prize pool in order to enter the tournment.

3.any more money that is spent during the session is called a rebuy.
In a limit hold 'em game, the typical buy-in is usually 10 times the small bet. (in a 4/8 game, the min is $40)

the world series of poker buy-in is $10,000
by byrd June 29, 2004
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Bui is a common Vietnamese last name, but not as common as Nguyen.
by versai July 11, 2008
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1 )a person of Vietnamese decent who has a knack for hooking up good couples together and is usually super nice and outgoing to everyone

2) an Asian that loves to Rock more than you

1) wow ,that bui kid just got me hooked up with this hot woman from Sweden !

2) dude , it isn't a party without a bui in the house !
by Burgermister April 16, 2009
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