An idiom of the Engligh language, No Bones roughly means without a doubt, or without argument. Often used in the phrase, "no bones about it...".

Most users of this idiom aren't even sure where they learned it, or exactly why it means what it means. It's one of those things you just know how to use when the opportunity arises.
William: Melbourne is the greatest city in Australia.
Joanne: Yes, no bones about it!

Informed Person: Make no bones about it, political leaders must rise above their preconceptions if this world shall ever know peace.

by guidonomous October 10, 2006
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a game where you pretend you have no bones in your body and incessantly flail your limbs as if you have no control over your movement.
crazy-legs mcwilson is always playing no bones
by et vice versa March 29, 2006
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Gay sex between two males.
Did you hear about Dave and John? I heard they went bone to bone.
by Joey Orgler 3 September 12, 2008
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Having sex with a corpse so long since dead that all that's left of it's remains is a skeleton.
Friend 1: "Where's Tommy?"
Friend 2: "He's with your mom."
Friend 1: "Dude, my mom's dead."
Friend 2: "Yeah... he's boning bones."
by GentleOnJames November 29, 2016
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bone (verb) means to fuck a guy in his mouth or asshole until he has a bone-gasm.
Matt came back from the gym, and he boned my mouth while he jerked me off!
by eda-skip October 08, 2021
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