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where you twist someones nipple usually leaves a bruise
whats pink and does a 360???
by matt December 20, 2003
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Something that is round about, needlessly complicated, or pointlessly/ unnecessarily difficult. Usually used in anger or despair. Can refer to an action, situation, object, or person. One who facilitates the unnecessary action is called a Nipple Twister. Origin of the phrase comes from the movie "The Wedding Singer" in which Adam Sandler's old neighbor proclaims that "you can't expect him to live forever with his sister and the nipple-twisting that goes on there." This refers to Adam Sandler's brother-in-law who likes his nipples twisted by his wife. Hence the previous definition.

Additional Reference: See any Passion Pit song for auditory version of a nipple-twist.
(In a traffic jam.) Those nipple twisters closed off the road again! We had to take a detour that led us several miles out of the way. It was such a nipple twist to drive home!

(General Situation) Those nipple twisters were nipple twisting so badly, we had to twist our own nipples just so we could nipple twist back to where we started!
by Nippletwister September 26, 2010
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1.) Referring to a situation in online communication (text, email, chat, twitter, etc.) where you are bothered by another party. Generally more aggressive than spam and quite irritating.

2.) Amongst friends is sent with two "at" symbols side by side. (e.g. @@ ) When sent in this manner it is like a digital "poke" and often a digital conversation starter.
1.) Inconsiderate marketers are nipple twisters. As they try to utilize social media, they are often quite selfish and irritating.

2.) Hi Jim, @@
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