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Secretly deleting your phone number from a girl's cell phone after you've had sex with her so she can never call you again.
Are you going to call Steve again?

I can't! My stupid phone deleted his contact information. Ah wells, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Ninja Vanish!
by mrMan83 July 21, 2011
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1.Command given to ninja clans ordering them to withdraw from an area quickly, without a trace.
2.A phrase said you want to make a dramatic exit.
Tatsu: NINJA VANISH! *Foot clan retreats*

Dude: Right, I'll see you later then.
Other Dude: NINJA vanish! *runs off*
by Jafar T. D. November 01, 2006
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When a guy or girl takes a handful of flour and throws it in their dates face back at their place and runs away while they are blinded
I didn't want to have sex with him so I pulled a ninja vanish and disappeared.
by ElMaestro June 26, 2011
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When a friend goes into hiding never to be seen for a period of time.
Leo: Yo, where'd Don go?

Michael: i think he ninja vanished this weekend.
by mr.ninjavanish February 10, 2010
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When you get a solid fart brewed up, fart into your cupped hand and throw it into your friend's face.

While performing said action, exclaim "Ninja, vanish!!!" in a loud, possibly Asian accented voice. While your victim is blinded by your noxious gift to the face, get the hell out of there like a ninja.
As I got up from the couch, I managed to corral a solid fart into my hand and Ninja Vanish Darla, escaping before she realized what had hit her.
by the macstablishment July 05, 2011
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When a girl is about to cum pulling out and throwing sand in her pussy and screaming "Ninja Vanish." Then running out of the room.
I got laid last night, but i didnt like her so i pulled a ninja vanish.
by Darkrage November 28, 2007
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