where you keep horses.
i keep my hoes in a corral.
by roflcopter April 11, 2004
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A village in modern New Mexico, USA which was founded by Pueblo Indians centuries ago and indicated as a pueblo in Spanish maps as early as 1776. There are many indications that, whatever name it was called, this sloping, fertile crescent on the banks of the Rio Grande was settled by pueblo peoples for hundreds, if not thousands of years before Cortez wandered through the area. Today Corrales is a mostly rural community, unique in being a true, independent village nearly totally swallowed by a large metropolitan area (Albuquerque/Rio Rancho), yet wholly dedicated to the agrarian lifestyle and arts. A gem of the Southwest.
Yo, y'all wanna go up to Corrales, roll up a few numbers and chill in the Bosque?
by VatoEncantado June 16, 2009
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An orgy filled with women. ONLY WOMEN
Hey Joe did you hear about Courtney's orgy?
Yea I did Sam, but it was a gal corral so we didn't get invited :(
by Kungpaochun December 12, 2016
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An existential enclosure for confining sheeple, precluding independent thinking that might lead to freedom from servitude to, for example, religion.
When I started pointing out the way Christianity had co-opted longstanding cultural traditions in order to consolidate its power base, and how little of the 'unique' aspects of his religion were in fact unique, I realized I had wandered out of his belief corral - I might as well have been talking to myself.
by Shlomo Hussein January 18, 2009
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