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The phonetic spelling of the way most people pronounced the then politically correct word NEGRO, and since they were used to calling Black people "nigger" for centuries, it was hard to take the "nigger" out of "Negro" when speaking
I don't mind the Nigros going to the same school as my children, just as long as they don't date my daughters.
by EminemsRevenge September 26, 2006

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Fundamentalist "Christians" who've never heard the story of Jesus being offered dominion over the world when he was tempted on the mountaintop by Satan; instead of repying "Get thee away Satan" THEY strive to control the world and subjugate all free will
Football fans watching the Super Bowl witnessed a great game and had no idea of a wardrobe malfunction until the biblehumpers started screaming INDECENCY!
by EminemsRevenge September 27, 2006

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PREFIX which combines 'pseudo' and the German 'Uber,' as in Nietzsche's "Ubermensch."

When you combine the two, you get a patently false SUPERman mentality, which reflects a delusional way of thinking that is propagated by the biblehumpers who have created god in their own image.
The pseuber-intellectuals who think Fox "news" is the alpha and omega of journalism get upset when confronted by FACTS!
by EminemsRevenge September 27, 2006

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Poetic contraction of CANNOT with biblical implications that suggests Cain slaying Abel
I cain't see WHY my brother gets all the presents I wanted for Christmas!
by EminemsRevenge December 01, 2006

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Originally a term used during slave times for slaves who worked in the master's house on a plantation, it is now derisively used for Black people who are always trying to ingratiate themselves with their neo-conservative white "masters" by distancing themselves from everything Black, such as rap music.
House-niggers Condi Rice and Bill Cosby are always quick to point out that gangsta rap is part of "the problem" with Black people instead of acknowleding that it is a symptom of a conspiracy to keep young Black men in chains!
by EminemsRevenge September 25, 2006

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