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Noun or adjective. Racist term derived from the word sibling. The dark-skinned brother or sister of a caucasian--could be adopted or from a shared parent.
Larry: Who the hell is that little ninja?
Darryl: Oh, that's my adopted nigling Carlton. He's good for my parents' taxes.

Larry:What's up with the familial diversity?
Darryl: Momma hoed out for meth and ended up adding a little chocolate sauce to the vanilla ice cream--thus, I have two black nigling brothers and an asian nigling sister.
by CorporateMonk3y October 13, 2010
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Nigling is a variation of the the word Nigger. The word Nigling, descibes the interactions of two Afro-carribean or similar males. Where the word Nigger that is used in conversation between two Afro-carribean or such like individuals (for example "Yes my nigger"), Nigling is used in place of Nigger, to allow for individuals under the age of 18 to participate in the conversation ritual, however the recipient of the word Nigling, has to be of 18 years or less, in order for this transaction to take effect, whereas reguardless of whether the provider of the word is either above or below the age of 18 they should use this word to a minor. (Do not use the word Nigling to any person over 18 years of age, this would cause extreme offence)
"Yes yes my little Nigling"
"What up my Nigling"
"Where my Niglings at?"
"You nuttin' but a Nigling"
by The Man February 03, 2005
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