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A racial slur. Used to describe an African American child.
Me: Shit I just hit a niglet.
Tim: You kidding?
Me: No man, what should I do?
Tim: Hit it again, idiot!
by NeoSmurf December 20, 2003
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a baby nigger that hasnt quite mastered the skillz of his parents but is learning....
that niglet is stealin yo....phonebook!?

well at least he tries...
by adam the straight up G August 13, 2005
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A very small black person. Most commonly a child. A tiny nigger.
Look at those cute niglets playing over there. I like niglets. My brother David may adopt a niglet. I hear when they grow up they become niggers.
by Helen February 15, 2005
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n. pre-adolescent Negro child; pickaninny. From "nigger", an affectionate term for "Negro", plus diminutive suffix "-let".

Females often distinguished by hairstyle featuring random pigtails sprouting from head, while males tend to dress like little ghetto thugs. Often seen dancing spasmodically, as if auditioning for Soul Train.
"Those niglets are almost as cute as a pack of monkeys."
by Jesse Jaxxon November 26, 2006
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