A Black person. A reference to Africans, used as slave-labor, picking cotton on Southern United States plantations prior to the American Civil War (1861 - 1865).
No damn cotton picker's gonna date my daughter.
by Colonel Kernel March 7, 2008
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Another name for nigger; a black person forced to work in your cotton fields; any person who you order to perform any task that involves labor.
1. Pick my cotton nigger.
2. Why didn't you do my homework? I told you to pick my cotton.
by steve carl jackson June 2, 2005
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a girl that has lost the string on the end of her tampon.
When Jill saw Jane come out of the bathroom stall with bloody fingers Jill called Jane a "cotton picker"
by J. A. Williams August 25, 2006
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A dirty NIGGER! becuase they used to pick cotton
That cotton picker stole my bike!
by JOE HOMIE May 10, 2006
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a thing you say to black people after they insult you
black man: stupid ass hoe you dumb ass nigga
me: stfu and go pick my cotton dumb ass cotton picker cotton cruesader
black man: damn you
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