A person that has been converted to the lifestyle of being a ghetto black person.
John has been niggerized. Look at all the gold chain he's wearing.
by Mike Yohc April 23, 2006
I accidentally left the toaster on high, and I niggerized my bagel.
by Mack-10 November 7, 2011
Anything or place that has been effected by niggers, such as a house, neighborhood, car etc.
Did you here about the family of coons that moved into the nice lilly white neighborhood? It won't be long before it becomes niggerized, there will garbage over the yard, windows broken out, a 55 gallon drum (grill) in the drive. There goes the neighborhood!
by whitey from cuyahoga hts. November 19, 2010
When being any race that has no relation to being African, that a person is being converted to the african american culture of a nigger, which the action would be "niggerized".
My friend Bobby was niggerized by Tyrone.
by feederbronze5 February 2, 2017
Someone who is total bitch, receives welfare and has not worked in 10+ years. Also known as shama shirtless
Sam: "you are a niggers nigger."
by Shamma llama June 25, 2014
The nigger version of terminator named NIG-69. Sent back to the past to find and eliminate the mother of the man, who will ban all watermelons in the future.
Niggerator: I'll need your clothes, boots and fried chicken.
by 96 years old nigga May 17, 2014
Present Tense:
1) Niggering (v) to a person; causing great disdain, annoyance, frustration, and or misfortune to said person.
Future Tense:
2) Nigger (v) to a person; causing said person a profound annoyance and or misfortune.
Past Tense:

3) Niggered (v) With respect to a person; having caused said person a profound annoyance and or misfortune.
1) “I gotta go, my parents are Niggering me.”
2) “I swear to god, if my teacher flunks me at the semester, I’m going to nigger him for the rest of the year.”
3) “Dude what the fuck, that guy just niggered me!”
by Lerealgamer April 24, 2020