When you feel like a palm tree with an ocean breeze in an 80s neon aesthetic vibe world
Yea, nice
by Yup 69420 May 6, 2021
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This is the sating people have when they come over to your house and you don't know what to say because if you except this you say you have nice things and your a douche bag. when in reality when someone says this the only response is "fuck you, get out"
Wealthy man: "Hey come on in"
Poor Man: "OK thanks, say YOU HAVE NICE THINGS."
Wealthy Man: "FUCK YOU"
by 123goodbye November 10, 2011
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You've got Nice Teeth is a statement to be made to someone talking too much as an indication that someone's mouth is open too much.
You've got nice Teeth A statement made to stop a blabbermouth. Example: . .and she wouldn't' shut up so finally I got a chance to interject, you've got Nice Teeth as a kind way to tell her to stop talking.
by Cwhrep February 17, 2018
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