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According to them they are better than you,me,and anyone else who is not from New York City.
Me:Well I got to catch my flight back to seattle in 10 minutes.
New Yorker:Ohh wow you live in seattle!Do you own a farm?
Me:NO! Dumbass.
by Okami March 20, 2008
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The only Americans that foreigners generally like.
Frenchman: Are you an American?
Me: No, I'm a New Yorker.
Frenchman: Sacré bleu! What a relief!
by NY ownz j00 March 15, 2004
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You grew up with “it’s 10pm, do you know where your children are?” . Going to school even in blizzards because we are tough and can handle a little snow. You enjoy cups of cawfee sittin on your stoop.
Angela, oh my gawd! Yo son, it’s mad brick out hea got places to go cuz I’m a New Yorker
by Princess of New Yawk June 23, 2018
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a true new yorker is some one born and raised in new york city or the new york city metropolitan area (within new york state). they are proud and loyal and they understand the true past, present and future of their city.

they are not tourists or people who moved to new york simply because it is the place to be. true new yorkers have known the city and have had new york moments since they were young and so have a deep relationship with the city.
Tony is a real new yorker, he grew up by the old yankee stadium and his parents have a building out in the slope.
by fiveboroughs27 November 23, 2009
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(prop n.) 1. A resident of New York. 2. Someone who can speak Profanese. 3. A damned ornery person. 4. Someone who can't pronounce the name of their own state.
"Hey, where are you from?" "I'm from New Yawk." "Where?" "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
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Someone who is from New York City or Long Island.

Yes, Upstate New York is part of the state and technically they are New Yorkers, but when someone says "I'm a New Yorker." people generally think NYC or LI.
Guy 1: I'm a New Yorker.

Guy 2: Oh, you're from the city?

Guy 1: No, I'm from Syracuse.

Guy 2: ...You're not a New Yorker.
by A Real New Yorker August 06, 2011
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