Gatta: Slang term for alcohol, can be plural as in "gatters". Can be a state of intoxication. Originated from gypsies now, commonly incorportaed in south east area slang, especially Medway Towns, Caravan sites and Sittingbourne, Kent.
"Shall we get up the shop and get sum gattas bruv"
"Ahh mate, did you see joyce last nite, He was Gattered"
"Yes Yes, Whagwann Tonite?? Nutin much, Jus getting Gattered i think??"" Sweet
by Risky March 14, 2005
South African term for a member of the police force.
The gatta kicked my door down and pushed his gun in my face.
by Dabulamanzi August 17, 2006
slang term for marijuana, term was first used in Lowell massachusetts but has spread throughout the world.
yo lets go pick up some gatta
by gatta boy April 20, 2010
Gatta means alcohol of som sort, also can be spelt gatter
by Cait July 22, 2004