a terrible insult that the devil himself fears to use
Rohan: Hey Fred, you suck ass
Fred: I’ll say it
Rohan: hahaha like you have the guts
Rohan: *dies while body immediately burns to ash and hell caves over earth*
by brownskinyute2004 March 23, 2018
"playing with the bishop's nephew" is the act of masturbating while taking a shit in public. in modern usage the term also covers the act of masturbating while shitting in private, however the public aspect of the activity is of no small importance.
derek: "hey ronny, what's happening?"

ronny: "ah nothin', just hangin' at the crib."

derek: "well, you wouldn't believe what happened to me today- so i was up at colombus circle waiting for the bus, just playing with the bishop's nephew, and next thing you know this bitch starts flippin' out."

ronny: "what'd you do then?"

derek: "i told the bitch to chill the fuck out, i'm just playing with the bishop's nephew."

ronny: "sounds reasonable enough."
by pat seick February 6, 2010
When your aunt is your cousin and her son can't possibly be the same level on the family tree
Jordan: Zach can't be our cousin if ayu is our cousin. He's our nephew cousin. Duh

Vanessa: well that makes sense. I'm so stupid.
by boombangpop February 12, 2010
The desire to have nieces and nephews. Much like baby fever, except you don't wanna deal with everything that comes with being a parent.
Man, I can't stop thinking about taking my future nieces and nephews out for the day and watching them run in a field of flowers whilst some chill music plays and I think back on my life.

Bruh. I think you have niece and nephew fever.
by itspronouncedphagette June 11, 2020
Way worse than “ur mom gay, ur granny tranny, ur dad lesbian, ur uncy funky, ur sister mister, ur pap a trap and ur brother mother all combined
Ron: ur dad lesbian
Preston: no u
Ron: ur nephew a jew
Preston: *loads gun and proceeds to the bathroom*
by vseasons March 19, 2018
Not the worst, but a realatively strong comeback derived from the sexualality relations insult group. This can beat everything up to and including “ur brother” a mother but overpowered by “ur granny a tranny”.
Person 1: Ur mom gay
Person 2: No u
Person 1: Ur brother a mother

Person 2: Ur nephew LGBTQ
Person 1: Ur granny a tranny

*Person 2 walks away and accepts defeat*
by Shoeless219 March 27, 2018