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Ur pap a trap” is basically the ultimate form of “ur mom gay”, the origin of this phrase is unknown and is vastly superior to all its counterparts by stating that your grandfather is in fact a trap. Also blocks all “No U”s.
Billy: “Ur mom gay
Fred: “No u
Billy: “ur pap a trap”
by Paptrapman March 13, 2018
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The forbidden insult. Only to be used in dire situations.
John: "Ur Mom Gay"
Jerry: "Ur sister a mister"
John : "Ur pap a trap"

Jerry: *Dies instantly, along with God, Zeus, Odin, and all other God's of the Aztecs, Nordics, Mayans, Egyptians, and the Incas, bringing all people of Earth to their knees as they await the punishment from Satan for using the forbidden insult.*
by PeffdaddyD May 11, 2018
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in an attempt to combat the all powerful combat cars, such as "ur nanny tranny" and "ur sister a mister," ancient magic weilders all joined together to craft this all powerful trap card.

if this card is in your deck, it is only to be activated when "ur nanny tranny" or better has been played against you. the opponent no longer exhists, nor ever had, in order to protect the wielder.
Joseph: Ur granny tranny
Carlos: Ur sister a mister
Joseph: you fool! you have activated my trap card: "Ur Pap a Trap"

*time temporarily pauses as the universe equalizes itself out. the opponent previously known as Carlos dissapears from before him, and no living being reckognizes the name. the "Ur Sister a Mister" card is no longer applied, for the user never exhisted.
by Total_desolation May 11, 2018
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