what white dudes can call each other - similar to black dudes calling each other brother
what's up my nephew
by cryde clocker April 23, 2003
a non blood family member who will cheat, lie, steal to get your tip money , pills or anything of value.
uncle Bobby , I am your nephew soI will loan you ten bucks but I want all your pain med's. uncle Bobby here is twenty dollars for working today. buy me lunch with it. uncle bobby even though you saw it happen that lady did not give us money to share.
by doc August 20, 2015
A late 2017 term used to inform women that have friend zoned you that you don’t find them attractive and they are not close to your heart anymore. You still function with them like family but you no longer care for their well being the same as you would for a female that you’re crushing or listing after
Girl: “What are you plans for the weekend? Want to catch a movie or something?”

Guy: “ I’m keeping my options open nephew.”
by Torebi October 8, 2017
the most hardcore spirit one can find in a local pub, mostly weatherspoon branches. not for pussies.
yo dude, i have no will to live, wanna get sum shots of wray?
by TuBsy February 17, 2005
when somebody in a workplace receives favoritism from the boss as if they were the bosses nephew.
wheres Marco?
he left, don't you know he is Mario's nephew?
no he is not, they are not related one bit.
might as well be with the things he gets away with around here.
Oh so he has nephew status, nice!
by mrizack July 30, 2010
The greatest band that ever lived. The pioneers of the controversial new craze "super punk rock". Origins of the bands name are from the band's biggest fan who is the bass player's younger brother. There debut album is Super Punk Rock and you should definatley check them out on Facebook and iTunes.
Dude step-nephew plays a kick-ass show!
by funkmastashiz June 4, 2013
Nick’s gang members in Greenville South Carolina. A bunch of robbin, stealing, cheaten, hoeing, smooth talking mother truckers.
That nephew gang stole all our hoes.
by Nic Handler July 25, 2019