(Pejorative) -- A person who replaces any established belief or fact with a product, belief or idea that has a quality of perceived social sophistication.

Neohippies are related to a hippie, except that their lives are centered on the purchase of expensive products and therapies of dubious value.

Most common amongst parents born between 1965 and 1975.

Usually drives a Subaru, Jetta, Bug or any bicycle.

A neohippy does not shop at Wal-Mart, but often spotted at co-ops.
In a sentence:
"That neohippy just spent $700.00 on wool diapers for her newborn."
"That neohippy found out he was allergic to wheat from his applied kinesiologist."

Example symptoms:

-Belief that your flu, cold or cervical cancer is caused by hypomobile joints in your lower back and an immediate spinal manipulation from a chiropractic physician is needed posthaste.

-Prejudice against any dairy product

-Love of anything made from soy

-Deep conviction in the belief that non-organic vegetables will kill you within 10 years if handled or eaten.

-Spending more than $4000.00 on cloth diapering

-Breast feeds children until age 5, co-sleeps with them until age 10

-Belief that animals should be loved and cared for in large fields before shot and eaten.

- Belief that small pox/rubella/chicken pox/etc. are less harmful than vaccination.

-Ability to visualize the face of the coffee bean harvester that got a fair wage from the cup of coffee that was just purchased.
by Pancreas100 June 29, 2006
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A Neohippie is a a modern phenomenon and cultural group which embodies the characteristics of hippies and punks. This group is characterized by their crystals, jean jackets, thrift shop pants, birkenstocks, cigarettes, cocaine, oil rigs, and choker collars. This type of person is almost always vegan or vegetarian for health reasons, yet snorts perks, cocaine, and drinks hard liquor and wine daily. A Neohippie is generally queer, non-cisgender, and very concerned about social justice, despite their hypocritical tendencies.
I saw a group of Neohippies yesterday heading to a 6 person basement band concert.
by gmfreak3566 April 23, 2017
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a person of the 21st century who still takes on the practice of the hippies ragin in the 60's
Hey look at her! Shes got it goin on. She must be a neo hippie
by nicole chard June 5, 2005
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A sarcastic reference to those born in the Thatcher-Reagan era, who now consider themselves flaming liberals even though they are actually clueless about left-wing ideology.
I just saw a bunch of pot-smoking, tree-hugging, neohippies protesting in the city square against the oil companies.
by Sandy Fern April 23, 2009
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A person who thinks the hippies were right about everything and tries to copy there lives as much as possible.
by Deep blue 2012 March 11, 2010
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The revival of the Hippy movement. This movement is taking the principals of the 60's Hippy movement and applying it to modern day culture. Neohippies believe in peace and choose not to conform to mainstream culture.

Neohippies have different style than the original hippies. They listen to some of the great 60-70 rock musicians, but they also listen to various modern artists.

They also smoke weed and eat shrooms like the hippies. Only now, both shrooms and weed can be grown privately and are much higher quality than their 60's counterparts. And now, this new movement has DMT, K, salvia, and ecstasy to play with!

The internet is helping this movement spread.
Ravers, hippies, beatniks, and even some punks are some of the people who are involved in/part off the neohippie movement.
by Alien(dank)Workshop November 14, 2010
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A movement that seeks to form a new hippie movement like the hippie movement of the 1960's contune what they started. To start a new countercurture movement. To Introduce to the life of being a hippie.
by Deep blue 2012 March 16, 2010
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