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One of the woolly little sheep following the neknominate trend "nominates" someone whilst they are filming their own incredibly lame video of them chugging something disgusting, and the person they've chosen HAS to complete a video, unless of course they aren't as desperate to be socially accepted by a bunch of drunken buffoons as said nominator...
"I was Barry's neknomination, better make a well original video of me pouring a drink and then drinking it in a onesie"
by Mike Ockiscore February 02, 2014
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An internet/social media trend where one is nominated by a friend to post a video of them drinking large amounts of alcohol usually in a funny, creative, or absurd way. This normally involves the chugging of multiple beers, 26ers, or mickeys. The nominee must complete a challenge within 24 hours of being nominated. Once the challenge is complete the person then nominates three other friends to each complete their own version of a neknomination video, post it online, challenge three more friends, and the cycle continues.

Also referred to as a "neknom"
Guy 1: Dude! Jared nominated you to perform a neknomination!

Guy 2: Damn, I guess I'm gonna have to get on that.
by tittyfuck69 February 05, 2014
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Guzzle a beer on tape while having a dip of tobacco
Seth hood gets bumble bee'd while neknomination get spread out. If one can slam a beer during the nomination whilst having a dip of skoal he is then crowned as a "hooder" as this challenge exceeds the the former, the former being neknomination. If one is crowned a "Hooder" all must understand neknominations are judged by hooders
by Bartleby Gaines February 01, 2014
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