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The mating ritual of Aussie Bogans, who in order to demonstrate their penis length/girth and demonstrate their readiness and desire to mate with other Bogans, must chug a full beer on video, and then nominate another Bogan to do the same.

Most commonly practiced before a night taking the Commo out to Chapel Street, downing a slab at Bazza's place, or hitting the drags at Dandy.
"Tommo totes just chugged a Vic, and Neknominated that dog cunt Robbo".

"The Ranga got Neknominated, the weak dog only downed a double black!".
by redthehat January 11, 2014
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When you are nominated to "neck" a drink.

Someone who is neknominated has 24 hours after nomination to mix together a variety of spirits (and whatever else they deem worthy/disgusting/difficult) and post a video of chugging it in one go. After necking your drink you then nominate at least one other person.
Jane: "Thanks John for the nomination, I've got blueberry vodka, Jager, regular vodka, wine, absinthe, cider, OJ, salt, sugar, cinnamon and milk in here...." *drinks the mixture* "I now neknominate Bob and Sally!"
by MM-UK February 06, 2014
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A grand tradition, with origins dating back to Mesopotamian time, in which a neknominator has the honor (after posting a video of themselves sculling/chugging whatever alcoholic beverage the have available to them) of calling out or "#neknominating" in conjunction with a Facebook tag two others to sculling/chugging an alcoholic beverage. Scholars say the first of the modern era neknominations started with a naval officer in a submarine sinking to the bottom of the Mariana trench and with his last means of communication he had, he #neknominated Will Smith and The KFC Colonel. If you've got one, scull a BEER ya pussy.
Excerpts from Will Smiths video.
"Cheers for the neknomination submarine guy... (sculls a pint of Two Brothers Grizz)... I now neknominate Charles Barkley and David Schwimmer.
by surfergirl557 January 05, 2014
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