Term used whenever cranky Social Media newby fails to recognize sarcasm on the internet and gets his/her nose bent out of shape. butthurt
"I was just joking with Sam on Facebook when I said 'her butt was big' she was upset and pulled a Thanks John in reply
by @DoctorMalibu May 29, 2015
Said to someone that states the obvious. Inspired by famed football announcer and HOF coach John Madden. captain obvious
John Madden: Tom Brady has 49 TDs passes this season and Randy Moss has 22 rec TDs if Tom throws 1 more TD to Moss, Tom will have 50 TDs and Moss will have 23!

Al Michael: Thanks John Madden (under his breath) please die...
by Vishus55 January 3, 2009
An exclamation that United States citizens, living in an alternate universe, would cry out, every time they had a glimpse of their alternate universe, in which George W. Bush is president.
Bush fucked up again! Aren't you glad we don't live in that shitty universe? Thank God John Kerry is our president!
by Ask Your Dad July 27, 2006