endearing term meaning sweetheart especially in writing
Dear lovely wife

Love, Your negrito Juan
by Loty May 14, 2006
Over excessively used word by MAS to insult others over mIRC. Thinks that by saying this his e-penis will grow anywhere from 3 to 5 inches in length.
<MDS|DADDY_YANKEE> NeGriTo plz shut up
by UMMHAI December 8, 2004
A term meaning a black person rolled into a burrito
“Man let’s turn the black guy into a negrito
Black guy - “Oh shit”
by FiercelyDeadInside November 24, 2021
That's one negro Mexican and by law is allowed to say nigga
Juan is such a negrito motherfucker always eating chicken and black beans
by God damit Plutarco March 23, 2021
A tall and sexy mahogany man, my tall glass of chocolate
And when I finally see him my heart smiles and says, there goes mi negrito lindo... sigh....😍
by Dubb310 October 16, 2017