Used when something is arguable but you can’t be bothered to argue it.
Thought to stem from if someone says something controversial at 3 minutes to 5 but due to wanting to leave work soon, you don’t bother arguing it.
Often used in situations where “agree to disagree” could be used
“I think John Bridge should have won the X-Factor instead of Brian Hamilton.”
“Well, 3 to 5.”
by TheCryingPanda May 23, 2020
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A liquor-drinking combination consisting of:
3 Wise Men
4 Horsemen
5 Star General
"Bob did a 3+4+5 last night and blacked out!"
by 3+4+5 February 16, 2014
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1. Pulling a 3/5 (3/5ing) - Making a statement that you are going to do something, but never planning on actually doing it.
2. A 3/5er - This refers to a police officer or some sort of official who:
-Gets rid of all the evidence of something and then claims it never happened, despite multiple witnesses.
-Claims that something is only a rumor, but then takes extreme action as if it where a serious threat.
Kid 1: "Tomorrow is the day, I can't take it anymore, I am going to kill myself."
Kid 2: "Nah, you're just 3/5ing"

Dude: "Hey, Jack said he was gonna kick my ass today, but he pulled a 3/5."

Man: "I know you may have heard the rumor that there is a bomb in this building, but it is only a rumor, there is no evidence.
(Bomb Squad Arrives)
Other Man: "Dude he is such a 3/5er."
by Some RHS Dude March 05, 2004
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The Most Epic Pker/Dmer in a game called Runescape.
Noob Def Ranger: Yeah when P 3 R 5 1 A Asked me to fight, i nearly shit myself.
by p3r February 18, 2009
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Noun form:
The nightmare of all guitarists. The thing you hear the most in guitar stores. The song every amateur plays.

Verb form:
Refers to playing 0 3 5 on a guitar
Guitar noob: Dude! Play 0 3 5
Actual guitarist: bruh
by Matt_Money July 18, 2019
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Acronym used to describe a particular subset of the female population who are usually unpleasant to the hearing ear and to the clear mind. Acronym stands for: "Angry 35 year old". These A350's are women who are mad they are not happily married so they're just a drag...but they think they're hot.
"are any girls going to the superbowl party?'

"naw....just a bunch of A-3-5-O's..."
by MintyLeila June 18, 2005
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