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Someone who has a capable brain, but never gets anywhere in life because of his/her poor attitude.
Mike: I took advanced calculus in high school.

John: Them how come you pump gas for a living?

Mike: I got a A- on a senior-level advanced bioengineering exam, so I decided I can't get into med school.

John: What a negghead!!
by Rooster Booster May 26, 2009
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A person who negates every idea he or she hears, immediately taking the opposite stance. Neggheads think they are being clever, original and independent, but they are as confined by their compulsion to differ as conformists are bound to conform. They have few real opinions, only an endless supply of objections. They claim to be independent voters, but often they only vote if they can find a candidate almost no one else is voting for.
Acquaintance 1: This rain is so refreshing!
Negghead: There may be some flooding if it gets any heavier. And didn't you hear about the concert in the park tonight? That's going to be ruined.

Acquaintance 2: Rain, rain, go away.
Negghead: If the rain went away, the crops would fail and everything would dry up.

JFK: Ask not what your country can do for you...
Negghead: Is it really wrong to question how your country can serve you and the rest of society? begin long-winded argument
by RNBJr July 25, 2011
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